Four Prominent Crypto Investors to Donate at Least 1% to Chairty

Four crypto veterans are joining a crypto donations initiative created by the Giving Block. The four will donate 1% of their crypto holdings annually.

Dan Matuszewski, Haseeb Qureshi, Ryan Selkis, and Qiao Wang have joined a crypto-based charity drive created by the Founders Circle. The funding campaign urges crypto investors and firms to donate a minimum of 1% of their crypto holdings to charity events each year. This initiative also aims at making it possible for non-profit organizations to accept donations in cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets.

Crypto Veterans are joining the initiative

The Founders Circle charity initiative has attracted quite some leading crypto players. Including Ryan Selkis, the CEO and founder of Messari, who joined on April 27. Dan Matuszweski, the founder of CMS Holdings and the former head of Circle Trade, has also joined the venture. Qiao Wang, an executive of DeFi Alliance, has also joined in.

The last to join the group was Haseeb Qureshi, the managing director of Dragonfly Capital. The four veterans joined the Founders Circle towards the end of April. Qureshi spoke of his decision to join the venture stating that the crypto community had been supportive of his work. Because of this, Qureshi was looking for a way to give back by donating to charities using crypto assets.

The new members added to the Founders Circle will be announced on May 30, which is when applications for the same will be closed.

The evolution of digital assets

The Giving Block initiative was launched when crypto assets have increasingly grown in popularity and value. The current market capitalization for the entire crypto market stands at $2.3 trillion. With these figures, if the whole crypto community would donate 1% of their crypto holdings to charity, around $23 billion would be donated.

With the growing popularity of crypto assets, this number will continue to increase in the future. It will also make more prominent crypto investors join in the charity drive to give back to the community.

One of the significant funding drives focused on crypto is the Crypto Cancer Fund, founded in January this year. This charity organization was created by the American Society and the Giving Block. Donations to the fund are made using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other digital currencies. This will also push the value of cryptocurrencies and restore the bullish trend as more people gain interest in crypto.

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