Tea seller from Bengaluru goes viral after accepting crypto payments

Countless projects in the crypto industry are developing strategies that will help push adoption in order to help regular people more than anyone else. People who are unbanked, underbanked, and who simply do not have the same opportunities as others can finally gain access to them through the digital currency sector, which is not just a theoretical idea in 2022, but something that can be seen in real life.

This is why crypto Twitter exploded over the last few days after a tea stall owner in Bengaluru, India, started offering his tea in exchange for crypto payments. The community was thrilled with the sight after the original report emerged in The New Indian Express.

The tea stall at Marathahalli of Bengaluru is owned by a man called Shubham Saini, who started the stall with an initial capital of ₹30,000. According to local reports, he was a crypto trader who suffered a great loss after the crypto market plunged in November 2021, which led him to open his tea stall with a placard that said that crypto payments are accepted.

Saini apparently updates the prices after comparing the US dollar to the Indian rupee for the crypto payments, which is how he knows what to charge his customers, and the crypto industry loved it. Many have also found the fact that his roadside tea stall was titled “Frustrated Dropout” quite charming.

Small tea stall owner blows up on Twitter

Since the initial report, Twitter users went to search for the popular tea seller, with one of them — Akshay Saini — sharing the photo on the platform, and causing an avalanche of questions from other members of crypto Twitter.

One of the users, in particular, exclaimed that they have so many questions about this situation, including how does the small street tea stall accept crypto, which coins, how does he decide the exchange rate, and more.

Other users have even recommended taking things a step further, proposing the idea of NFT chai, where users can purchase chai NFTs and become owners of the tea they drink.

Shubham Saini’s curious idea to start accepting cryptocurrencies has definitely put the crypto trader on the industry’s map, and even though his losses did come from dealing with crypto — he might reclaim his wealth thanks to this move. After all, the digital currency industry has been known for being rather supportive, especially when it comes to curious cases like this one. More than that, Saini’s decision to start accepting cryptocurrencies, and the online fame that came from it, might encourage others to consider doing the same.


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